HELP WITH A 97 ...

1997 Dodge Neon

I have a 1997 dodge neon, SOHC, 135,000 miles, 2.0 4 cyl. The motor is shaking really hard and has a bad miss to it. I have changed the plugs, plug wires, coil pack, computer, and check the compression. At first the 4th cyl. Was not firing now since I have replaced the computer it is working but the 2ed cyl. Has quit firing now. Also the transmisson is slipping and makes all kinds of noise when going down the road. The motor still shakes when you are driving it. It cranks up fine, there is no problems with that, but the motor is jarring the whole car. Can you please tell me what this could be? I have tried everything I can think of. Thank you so much.
February 2, 2007.

Motor mounts

Feb 3, 2007.