Dodge Neon

I own a 2004 Dodge NEON (SX 2.0) & recently being experiencing some strange behavior at random times. My engine will start to shake while I'm idling waiting at signals lights occasionally stalling. I've taken it into the 2 different dealer shop with no luck in finding a problem. Does any have any ideas what might be causing this??

SPARK PLUGS need changing?
Problem with the Fuel Injectors?
January 26, 2007.

Were there any codes pulled from the computer?
How many miles on it?

There were no codes pulled from the computer. They said everything looks normal.
It has about 23500 miles.

Jan 26, 2007.
That's odd for as few miles as it has on it. No, I don't see a plug or injector problem, or wouldn't expect it anyway. I would be curious if the computer has the latest calibration update. : I would also be curious if it is still under warranty. Some unethical dealers can't find a problem until it's out of warranty : evil: Odd there are no codes.

I agree, I think I'm going to contact Chrysler Warranty Department and see what they will say.
Could it be the air bypass valve?
Throttle position sensor?

Jan 26, 2007.
The only way I can think of to find this problem is to have a scanner hooked up to it that can read the data stream. When the problem happens, the scanner can record the dis function and then the data stream can be anaylzed. Your better off going to an independant if you don't have luck with the dealer. The dealer Techs don't get paid enough time to diagnose and often revert to a guess, or couldn't find anything kind of answer.
The key to finding a shop is one that has the scanner able to do this and the guy that is capable of reading the data stream and interpreting it.