2003 Dodge Neon

Engine Performance problem
2003 Dodge Neon 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 108000 miles

i have an 03 dodge neon. The check engine light has been on for awhile now. Up until lately ive had to problems with it. Now it takes a few turns until it will start. It turns over fine but doesnt want to start. Any idea what the problem could be.
September 25, 2009.

Best if you can get the codes
cycle key on off on off on read trouble codes in the odometer area
let me know what you have for codes

Sep 25, 2009.
The code I got was P0440

Sep 25, 2009.
P0440 : This code is monitored with the engine running. Fuel level greater than 12 percent. Ambient temperature between 39-89 F (4-32 C). The code is set when the PCM does not see the Natural Vacuum Leak Detection (NVLD) switch close during the medium/large leak test. The PCM will then increase the vacuum supply to the EVAP system by increasing flow through the EVAP Purge valve. If the switch does not close with an increase in vacuum, an error is detected. This is a two trip fault.

Possible Causes: Visual And Physical Inspection
EVAP Purge Solenoid Vacuum Supply Inspection
EVAP Purge Solenoid Stuck Closed
NVLD Switch Operation
(Z1) Ground Circuit Open
NVLD Assembly
(K107) NVLD Switch Signal Circuit Open
Evaporative Emission Leak Detection

i do not think that code should effect the car starting and driving
and I would start by checking the engine for tune up

Sep 25, 2009.
Two weeks ago the car had a tranny line that runs through the rad blow. Radiator is brand new, tranny(with a new filter each time) and collant systems were flushed mulitiple times to get things back to normal, plugs/wires/air filter are brand new, oil change was also performed at that time. No more then a thousand miles since all this work.
When starting the started sounds good, battery charge is good. All in all it seems like a fuel delivery or spark issue. The only odd thing is that the belt squeals very loudly when it's having this trouble so a pulley could have a problem or it needs a new belt but I don't see how this would cause a starting issue. My brother in law was thinking O2 sensor but usually when that's an issue a car will run rough at idle or when running and this car purrs like a kitten once running.
Any help or anything I could have overlooked would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!


Sep 26, 2009.
If the car not running at all
check timing belt
I dont like the belt noise thing
remove belt and check pulleys for binding or causing the belt to slip
if its an o2 sensor I would suspected a code
you can disconnect the sensor and try and start as the PCM will default to last good reading
if car start and some times it doesn't
have to start by checking spark and fuel pressure
when the problem occur

Sep 26, 2009.