2001 Dodge Neon

Electrical problem
2001 Dodge Neon 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 97225 miles

My air bag light wont turn off, and 2 days after it wouldnt turn off, I noticed that my horn doesnt work eaither, I have checked the fuses and all are fine, I was told to check the relay, but is their a relay for the horn on my kind of car, if the relay isnt the problem, then what is the cause of my horn not working? I cant afford $150 for a diagnostic to determine the problem.
February 28, 2008.

When the horn is out and the airbag light is on constantly that sounds like a bad clockspring. I suggest you take it in and have it changed as you dont want to mess with the air bag.

Feb 28, 2008.
I had it checked out earlier, turns out it is the clock spring that it broke, I called the dealship and they said that it will cost $97 and change for the clock spring, since dealerships are always more expensive, is their a different place that I can get a price for one that is cheaper, or are dealerships the only companies that carry car parts? How about pick & pulls, would that be ok? Does the part from a pick & pull have to be the same year as my car? Or does it not matter? Thanks

Feb 28, 2008.
Get the same year and model.

You can try with a autopart store such as autozone autovalue they may carry one but you wont get it much cheaper.

And dealer parts are of better quality anyways.

Feb 29, 2008.