1995 Dodge Neon

My speedometer cuts in and out at random. Most of the time it is when I hit bumps and such. I have tightened all the wiring to the instrument panel but the problem persists. I am not able to follow the wiring to wherever it goes from the panel so I cannot determine if it is loose there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
March 22, 2007.

Man oh man I see all these people posting w the same problems as my wifes neon. Hers does the same thing. There is a computer chip inside that I guess goes bad the mechanic I talked to said that the whole unit probabky needed to be replaced so we have been looking for one from a parts car. Does any of the other dials malfunction too?(Gas gauge temp gauge etc) the problem w ours started right after we bought the car. My wife went off the curb causing the car to bounce. Ever since then all the gauges work intermenttentally. The mechanic said the circuit board inside was probaly cracked. And said something like $300+.

Apr 11, 2007.
There are a few spots on the back of the circuit board of the cluster that will need to be resaudered to fix this problem. I have had 3 neons all with this problem after saudering they all work great.

Sep 11, 2007.
I have a 1995 dodge neon 5 speed and my speedometer started acting up. Well I found out that it is the plug in connections on the back of the speedometer. I went to the junk yard and got another one that was in really good shape and put it in my car today and everything works great now.

Sep 12, 2009.