2002 Dodge Magnum

Hi. I have a 2002 Dodge RAM 1500 pickup, 90k miles, 4.7L Magnum engine, quad cab. It has a rear slider window, with the 3 sections. I smashed one of the static sections and purchased a replacement (full 3-piece sliding unit) from a salvage yard. My Chelton's manual says " windshields are for experts, don't attempt) so obviously I attempted it. I've removed everything in the way and bent back the 5 tabs that hold it in. I have the piano-wire and needle style removal tool but have not found a way to jam it in there. It seems like the external lip is offset from the internal lip and I just cant get it in? Is there something I'm missing, such as external molding removal? Should I get a different tool such as the 90 degree utility knife I've seen glass guys use? Thank you.
April 8, 2007.

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