2003 Dodge Intrepid

Electrical problem
2003 Dodge Intrepid 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 120000 miles

My 2003 intrepid sometimes wont start. I initially thought that maybe the chip in the key was bad but learned that it is magnetic and it shouldnt make a difference. Sometimes driving down the road it will jerk real bad only over a certain amount of rpm's. I can either let of the gas and it stops untill I press it again or I turn the car off and then back on and it usually fixes itself. The starting problem started about six months ago and I can put the key in and it will turn over but not start then all of a sudden it will. Seems like an anti theft problem of some sort. Also the key comes out of the ignition even with the car on? Any help would be great.

When it doesn't start, have you checked for spark and fuel to the engine? Also, does the security light stay on when it doesn't start?

I have not checked for spark and fuel. This happens maybe twice a week. I am not sure about the security light but I do know that when I am driving and it starts to stutter(seems electrical) the cruise control light will go off if it was on to begin with. And if it was off it will not turn on. So by deductive reasoning I would imagine it was electrical but maybe not. I am not sure. I appreciatte your help and will test sprk and fuel next time it happens.

It does sound electrical. However, if there is a misfire, the CC will kick off. The next time it won't start, check what is missing, spark or fuel and let me know what you find.

Ok thank you I will. It is my wifes car so I have to wait until I am driving it and it happens to me.

Ok checked for spark and it is intermittent also. Pulled coil of first cylinder on left and tested for spark. No spark at first then al of a sudden spark and the car started. (Got about 13k volts too! LOL) Any help would be great. I think it is a security issue but dont know what to do! Thanks