1999 Dodge Intrepid

Engine Mechanical problem
1999 Dodge Intrepid 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 174000 miles

My 1999 Intrepid with a 2.7 L motor stalled while idling and will not restart. The fuel pump is functioning normally (it seems- I heard it kick in and run) and the main fuses are good (under the hood). I was told that there is another set of fuses inside the car at the left side of the dash. I am not sure if any of these fuses could be the culprit. Or if it is a sensor.

What is your recommendation?
Jay Allen
March 24, 2008.

Jay Allen
Mar 24, 2008.
The fuel pump is functioning normally (it seems- I heard it kick in and run) you might hear it come on but is it producing the correct fuel pressure EFI are very picky on fuel pressures-

I strongly recommend a fuel pressure check

Mar 24, 2008.
I've seen quite a few fuel pumps go bad on these like Raz says. Check the pressure. The 2.7 engines had an internal oil problem that sludging would occur and cause various problems including timing chain breaks.

Do you smell any raw fuel at all after cranking?

No, I did not smell any raw fuel after turning the engine over for quite some time. We shot some starting fluid in the breather and that didn't do anything. It did not even try to start. The whole thing was very strange. The car had sat for about 4 hours. I went out to start it and it fired right up. I went back in the house and when I came out it had stalled. It would not restart.

Jay Allen
Mar 25, 2008.
The intrepids had a fuel rail leak that was a problem on them. They also had a problem of rust build up on the inside of them. My guess the startiing fluid would have helped flush that out.

Does the engine turn over faster than it did? IT seems that fuel may be eiminated at this point, so either and/or the a compression test or test for spark with a spark tester.

No, the engine seems to turn over at the same speed. I was wondering if it may be the (ASD) Automatic shutdown relay?

Jay Allen
Mar 30, 2008.
Yeah it's a possiblility, part of the reason to check for spark. If it has spark, then no.