Dodge Dynasty

1993 dodge dynasty 3.3 about 200,000 miles. Wipers went out on me I tried a new wiper motor, the fuse, messed with the bars that go back and forth to make the wipers move was hard to move dont know if thats normal but I tried not the issues, may it be the switch will it be hard for Me to replace and if the switch how will I know. Sombermourning13@aol. Com
February 21, 2007.

Were ther wipers hard to move with the motor hooked up? If yes it is normal. If you pulled on the wipers too much then you could have bent the arm.
If the wipers were hard to go back and forth without the motor being hooked up then you might have to spray the bar and all the connections with wd 40 to free them up. I hope I read into the problem right? If not let me know.

Mar 6, 2007.
Thanks for the reply the wipers move good when the motor was not hooked up, and was hard when the motor was hooked up. Can this be something electrical or the switch it self I already sprayed w=d 40 on everything theres no difference is a switch hard to replace

Mar 26, 2007.