1993 Dodge Dynasty

Transmission problem
1993 Dodge Dynasty 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 176000 miles

I have a 1993 Dodge Dynasty V6 3.3 automatic transmission. Yesterday the whole car started jerking a bit for the first few seconds when I backed it out of the garage but not real bad, then it smoothed out and drove fine.

Today when I put it into gear to back up it moved about 10 feet then started to jerk pretty hard about 4 or 5 time so I quickly took it out of gear. Now when I put it in gear either Reverse, Drive or Low it pulls the motor down and dies within just a couple of seconds as if the transmission or torque converter is almost locked up. Maybe it's stuck in two gears if that is possible. If I give it some gas it will still die but also jerk the whole car a couple times. I let it warm up and it made no difference. Transmission fluid level is fine.

Any ideas?
March 3, 2008.

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