2003 Dodge Durango

2003 Durango w/ 4.7L w/ 55K. My airbag light came on and I was told it was the clockspring, which I had replaced. The light came on agan in ~ 4 mths and was replaced for free. Its been 1 year and again the light is coming on intermiitantly. 1) If the light comes on, is it always the clockspring? 2) If so, is it possible that contact surfaces are wearing and the unit isn't actually bad? I don't want to have it replaced if its a matter of assuring the mating surfaces are true.
April 9, 2007.

Both problems are tied together. It is the level of the coolant that is causing the problems. Now there is probably an underlying problem to the low level of coolant and the overheating.

Check for leaks, that is the most obvious. Then look to a problem with the head gasket. Is the coolant level dropping slowly over time?

The level of the water or lack there of is causing the engine to surge. Once the level is filled and the air removed from the system the car engine should go back to a normal idle.

Bruce Hunt
Jan 20, 2007.
Thanks for the help, I went and checked things out under the hood, I found the problem: A HAIRLINE CRACK IN THE RADIATOR, SO I'M HAVING IT REPAIRED MON MORNING. THANKS.

Jan 21, 2007.
There are other reasons for the air bag light to come on. We replaced a clockspring in a 03 chrysler last week for the same thing. The customer did hear a " pop" just before the problem occured on a tight turn.