2004 Dodge Durango

Shakes or Wobbles problem
2004 Dodge Durango V8 All Wheel Drive Automatic 85000 miles

What could be causing vibration in my 2004 Dodge Durango on smooth highways at speeds between 65 and 80 mph? I just had the Michelin tires rotated and balanced, but that didn't help.
June 27, 2009.

If the tires are balanced and there is no belt problem with them and they are in good condition, I would move to checking the alignment. Also, make sure all motor mounts are good.

Also, where do you feel the vibration? Is it in the steering or the seat?

I feel the vibration in the steering.

Jul 17, 2009.
If you feel it in the steering, the problem is in the front not the rear. I would have the alignment checked, make sure there are no shifted belts in the tires, neither rim is bent, and have all steering components checked.

If you ever have the problem in the future, if you feel it in the floor or seat of the vehicle, then check the rear tires, wheels, bearings.