2004 Dodge Durango

Engine Performance problem
2004 Dodge Durango Four Wheel Drive Automatic 80000 miles

I recently purchased this truck and they had just got it on the lot. They were in a hurry to sell it so I took it with the agreement that they service it asap. Due to sickness I have not been able to get it back to get it seviced and had to take a trip to texas. When I got there, my brother changed the spark plugs and they were very rusty, also the air filter was rusty. While I was there the battery went out and now the brakes are going bad. I still have to take it for the original service that was not done. Why is there rust? And I got a letter recently that there is a recall? Thanks for your help. Oh by the way, the dealership is a used car lot, owned by a large new car lot here. I have done business with them before but now the management is different? Thnks
November 22, 2008.

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