1999 Dodge Durango

1999 Dodge Durango Four Wheel Drive Automatic

My suv cuts off with no warning. I have gotten it placed on a machine and it said I need to replace an idle control sesnsor. I have replaced the air control module but the engine light is still on and the car keeps cutting off. It also idles high often. Is there any way you can narrow down which idle sensor needs to be replaced?
March 25, 2010.


What you are actually looking for is the IAC (Idle Air Control) Motor. Here are a couple pics to help locate it. It should be mounted on the side of the Throttle Body.

Mar 25, 2010.
I have already replaced the IAC twice but the durango still cuts off without warning. I have also gotten it put back on the machine and it still says there is an idle sensor problem.

Mar 26, 2010.
Have you replace the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor).

Have you check for Vacuum Leaks?

Also in order for the engine light to reset you will either need to have it reset or it will take about 100 key starts or about 500 - 1000 miles of driving.


Mar 26, 2010.