1998 Dodge Durango

I have a '98 durango that is experiencing " classic" thermostat symptoms. I was just wondering, is the thermostat in the usual spot(front of engine, at the water pipe junction), or is it someplace else, if so, where is it? The reason I ask, is that I don't remember seeing it where it " should" be. Thanx
Gold fish
November 15, 2007.

I beilive it is in the regular place, front of engine behind uper radiator hose in its housing.

Nov 15, 2007.
Blacktop555 is right. It is in the normal position, except, it is down in there now, behind the altenator. Dont sweat yet, it dosen't have to come off. Remove the two bolts with 13mm socket, the neck will come right up. You may need a long prybar like I did to pry the thermostat loose. The rest is history. Good luck finding a place to drain this system.

Dec 3, 2008.
Thanks wigtail for the added information. And before prying it out note the direction of the thermostat for when you put in the new one.

Clean up the surfaces and use a new gasket.

Dec 4, 2008.