Dodge Daytona

Hi guys, Got a question for ya.I have a 1987 dodge daytona (picifica) it is turbo with the 2.2 (4 cyl) has 70.000 miles on her. My problem is I noticed my brake lights we're comming on when the car was at idle and would go off as I stepped on the gas. Then I noticed the brakes seem to be applying them self at low idle and would be fine as I gave her more gas.I can feel the brake peddle go down as I slow down and then release as I give it more gas. Yet my brakes feel fine and stop great. I did notice on the turbo gauge as it gets to the + side it's fine. If it drops to the - side. Brakes come on and the car starts to drag. If I put my foot under the pedal and pull up on it. Brake lights go out and there is no drag as I'm driving. But as I step on the gas I can feel the brake peddle pulling down. Guys I'm lost at this one. If you can help.A million Thanks
November 12, 2007.

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