1993 Dodge Daytona

Noises problem
1993 Dodge Daytona 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 165000 miles

I recently went to start up my Daytona after sitting up for a few days. When the motor started I heard a loud metallic like sound inside the motor. I quickly shut it off and waited a few seconds. There was a cloud of smoke from the motor and smelled like something burning. I started the motor again and it was fine. I have noticed a small tapping sound in the motor that is constant but not too loud but you can hear it if you are standing near the car. Will changing the oil solve this problem or am I heading for major engine repairs? I am on a limited income at the moment.

January 12, 2009.

The slight tick doesn't sound like anything major, but I would make sure to keep the oil chanced. What concerns me is the smoke you saw. Where did it come from?