Dodge Dakota

I have a 1998 dodge dekota 2.5 l engine with a 5 speed manuel transmission. As I went to down shift my truck while going up to a stop sign I cuuld not get it into any gear unless I turned the engine off. I took the truck to a repair shop I was told that the problem is in the transmassion the repare man drove the truck and saw the problem but when he tried a higher gear( like he could not get it into 2nd grear that so he put it in 5th grear and got that gear to work. ) I told him I wanted a different opinion on the truck as I drove the vehicle home I had no trubble shifting gears and I drove the truck around for a couple of days and I have had no trubble. When I was having the trouble there was a loud grinding noise. What could have happened. If some one can help please thank you terry
November 20, 2007.

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