Dodge Dakota

I have a 2000 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab with 72000 miles on it. If my uppor or lower ball joints are bad, will I be able to feel the vibration in the steering wheel?
February 23, 2006.

Sometimes yes sometimes no the way to check them if they have torsion bar suspension is jacking the truck up on the lower control arm so the suspension does not stretch out and then grab the top of the wheel and the bottom and try to move it. If it moves at all have someone watch the joints to see what one is moving. Chopped tires, and if it is 4wheel driveu-joints can make the wheel shake also

Mar 7, 2006.
Have you checked to see if your Dakota is under the recall for ball joints that Dodge issued sometime in 2004. I took in my 2001 and they replaced the upper ball joints under that recall (this was in Jan 2005 after I learned of the recall). I went to the official Dodge site and entered my VIN to see if my Dakota was included. Don't know if that still exists; if not, get in touch with me.

Mar 13, 2006.