2007 Dodge Dakota

Engine Performance problem
2007 Dodge Dakota 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 32000 miles

Engine Performance problem
2007 Dakota Crew Cab, V6, Two Wheel Drive Automatic 32000 miles

2007 V6 32000 miles Dodge Dakota
Started to misfire, surging and vibrate at 30 MPH. Little gas and off we go running good.
Average mile per gallon is between 18 and 19 city. Have not really take a road trip yet.
I have put in full tank 89 Octane to see if that helped. It did a little but still misfired, surging at 30 MPH but not as bad.
Problem is worse if going up a small hill at 30 MPH, vibration last longer and can feel the engine surging, missing but once up to a speed over 35 MPH and giving it gas. Problem stops and run great.
32,000 mile maintains new spark plug, tune up, wheel balance and rotated tires, replace all fluids, oil and lube.
Problem is still there.. And no better.
October 1, 2010.

Is the vibration from a misfire?

The vibration does not happen when coasting. If I slowly approach 30MPH leave off the gas (seconds) start to slowly accelerate I get the vibration and the surging and what feels like a misfiring. As more gas is give and the truck speed up the vibration is gone and the truck runs fine. If I slowly approach 30 MPH going up a small hill. Vibration start and so does the surging. More gas and stops. It sometime start a little at 40 MPH but goes away quickly ( just feels like the truck is surging or misfiring a little.)
I just had it in for a 30,000 miles service. Tune up and spark plugs
Same problem no better or worse.
No warning lights, no engine codes . Nothing
Tire are good, wheel rotated and balanced, new brakes and rotor. ?

What I'm asking is for something to tell the deal what to look for or check.
I have 30,000 to fix this problem and I will not rest until problem is fix or dealer give me a new truck.

Oct 3, 2010.
It sounds like a missfire. I have to say, without the check engine light, it makes it difficult. Have they checked things such as the catalytic converters, crank sensor, vacuum leaks. Also, do they feel it could be the transmission?

Try this. Put the truck in 2nd gear and slow down to the speed that you feel the problem. See if it still does it and let me know.

I took the truck out on to the same street a number of times.
First in the drive gear. And was able to create the problem (it getting easy to do now)
Second I duplicated the same driving method but this time I was in (2) gear.
Was not able to make the truck chug, surge or vibrate at 30 MPH in (2) gear.
When back to the drive gear and duplicated the situation again at 30 MPH and created the vibration, misfing and surging.
I did this a few time just to make sure I was not mistaken in my finding.

Note: I'm taking this truck back in to the dealship next week so if you can come up with a list of things they should fix, check or repair. That would be a good thing.

Oct 4, 2010.
It sounds like an engine miss. Something tells me when it is allowed to shift into a higher, the added load on the engine is causing a miss.

Let me know what you find.


Any suggestion of what could be the cause?
Any list to have the dealship check out for a cure?

Oct 4, 2010.
It could be transmission related, but at this point (not being there) I feel the engine is missing. Has the check engine light ever come on?