2003 Dodge Dakota

2003 dodge dakota quad cab overheats(160000kms)
Just this summer I started having overheating issues with my truck. Only when it is idling. If I increase the rpms or drive on the highway the temp drops. The electric fan seems to work fine. First I changed the rad cap, then my mechanic changed the thermostat, then the clutch fan. And the hoses in and out of the rad, no fix. Then we changed the a/c condensor rad because the fins were all banged up and this seemed to stop the overheating although I thought the needle on the temp gauge was still getting a little high. Nonetheless it hasn, t overheated for awhile(month or 2) but after my last trip on the highway I stopped at an intersection and it started to overheat again, again higher rpms and highway travel dropped the temp. It doesnt always overheat but, it has become a nuisance and unrelaible. I am thinking of either rad flush or replacement or water pump replacement. The oil looks fine and I am not losing coolant. Any suggestions?
October 4, 2006.

Get a bottle of wet wetter, it really works, and keeps your engine 20percent cooler

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Oct 5, 2006.