2002 Dodge Dakota

Engine problem
2002 Dodge Dakota V6 Four Wheel Drive Manual 60000 miles

My 02 Dakota 4x4 is making a high pitched whine from what sounds like the engine compartment or under the cab. It happens at speeds from 40 to 70 mph and is intermittent. If I take my foot off the gas is goes away slowly, if I put in the clutch it goes away quickly. On cold starts I can hear a slight squeak coming from the pulley system and when I checked I saw some coolant coming from the metal heating tube that is on the top/side of the water pump. Could it be the water pump bearing starting to fail or is this something more serious?
I've had it in 3 shops and no one can figure out what is wrong. Any info would be appreciated.
December 3, 2007.

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