2002 Dodge Dakota

Transmission problem
2002 Dodge Dakota V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 55,000 miles

2002 Dodge Dakota will not shift out of park. T-fluid? T-filter? How serious?
November 22, 2008.

Hi: If it won't shift from park, it sounds like a linkage problem. Have a helper keep his / her foot on the brake and apply the e-brake. Craw inder the truck and have the helper shift throught the gears. See if the linkage is moving the trans lever. It sounds like something has broken or come apart.

Let me know what you find.


Bad news, friend. I have the same problem with my 2002 Dakota Quad Cab. The issue is a part inside the steering column that can not be repaired by the dealer without replacing the steering column assembly. This costs about $1450 from the dealer plus install of about $400. I'm going ahead with the dealer repair & OEM new part because this is my main vehicle. You may be interested in getting a salvaged part for about $350 from a company called Everdrive. The're on the web at everdrive. Com. Good luck!

Dec 26, 2008.
I need you to check something. Do the brake lights work? There is a park lock out switch to prevent you from shifting out of park without the brake on. It lock out is run by the brake light switch.