2001 Dodge Dakota

Brakes problem
2001 Dodge Dakota V8 Two Wheel Drive Manual 143000 miles

The ABS and brake light s come on after applying the first application of brakes. When the brakes are first applied, a rapid clicking sound can be heard coming from under the hood behind the steering wheel. While rolling to a stop, the brake pedal pressure partially releases. Feels like the brakes are failing but they don't. After about 30-45 seconds the ABS and brake lights come on, the clicking stops with subsequent brake applications and the brakes feel normal. The truck has been to the shop twice for this problem. They've replaced both front brake rotors and the rear wheel speed sensor. No other codes pop up from their diagnostic tests. The dealer wants to start replacing parts until it's fixed. Ouch! Please help! Marc
December 4, 2009.

Sounds like a issue with the ABS module/pump. Not building up pressure. Try disconnecting its harness. Does the clicking stop and car work fine?

Dec 4, 2009.