4.7L 4X4 "NO BUS"

2000 Dodge Dakota

Hi guys,
My 2000 Dodge Dakota 4.7L 4x4, Auto trans, reads " no bus" in odometer. I turned it off one night and when I went out the next morning it cranks but won't start and now reads " no bus". Also have no power to the back end of the truck, no lights/signals, and no power at fuel pump. Does this truck have a cut off switch somewhere that has turned off the power? If not where else do I start looking for the problem? Thanks for any help you can give.

Stuck in the Driveway
September 2, 2006.

" no bus" in the odometer for this situation was a CAM position sensor that went bad. It goes out and disabled several other circuits at the same time. $25 part and plenty of time. It was well worth towing it in and having a qualified shop take a look. Hope this might help someone else.

Sep 15, 2006.
Thnks I have same problem and will try yr advise

Jan 29, 2008.