1995 Dodge Dakota

Engine Performance problem
1995 Dodge Dakota 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 125000 miles

I have a 95 dakota that will occasionally stall when first started. It will run if I feed some throttle. This usually happens in warm weather. My mechanic said to try spraying some carb cleaner on the front of the throttle body throat, but that is a temporary soultion at best. Any ideas? Thanks, Steve
August 30, 2010.

You may have a bad IAC ( idle air control) but try cleaning the throttle body first. Remove the intake snorkel, have someone hold the throttle wide open for you and scrub the back side of the throttle plate and surrounding bore with an old tooth brush and some carb cleaner. Be sure to spray some into the small holes next to the throttle plate. That should help stabilize the idle. If it still has a problem, replace the IAC.

Aug 30, 2010.