1991 Dodge Dakota

Electrical problem
1991 Dodge Dakota 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 100831 miles

I have a 1991 Dakota, the ignition switch has gone bad. It will not longer start. The tumbler just spins around. I have bought the new parts but I am unable to get the old ignition switch out. It has some type of security screws holding it to the steering column. I borrowed a (security) torx head driver from our mechanic at UPS. The hole in the torx driver though is smaller than the one in the center of the screws. Where do I get the correct tool so I can replace the ignition switch and tumbler?
October 17, 2010.

Where are these screws located? I've had several apart over the years, but never had that problem.

Let me know.

The (3) screws are the ones holding the main ignition switch to the column. I guess they have to be security type screws or someone could just buy a new ignition and switch it with yous and steal your car. They are torx head screws with the point protruding from the very center of the screw. I will need some type of torx head with a hole drilled inside of it. Like I stated previously, I borrowed a set of Snap-On tools that have this hole. But the hole in the torx bit is not large enough to work. The pin head in the center of the screw is too large. Does anyone know where I can buy the correct tool to remove these (3) screws holding the ignition switch to the column? Thx

Oct 18, 2010.
They are tamper proof. I just found it. The only place that I can tell you to get the tool is a dealer. I can't even find a part number for it. I did find this:

Take a look at them and see if you think they will work. I believe you need a T20. Also, I have read many articles about breaking the center pin with a punch, but I don't know if that is the best idea. Just to be sure, look at the picture below and let me know if I have the right part you are looking for.