1974 Dodge Coronet

Engine Performance problem
1974 Dodge Coronet V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 200000 miles

Hi friends. I have a problem unique : it appeared suddenly. Last night, when I started my car, it was OK, but when I connected REVERSE, the engine started to fail and quickly turned OFF. The same happens when I connect DRIVE, but the case is worst when I connect REVERSE and try to accelerate ( the engine turns OFF ). The engine has a NEW 4 barrel thermoquad, the engine is a 318 in good shape. The tranny is a Torqueflyte 8.
In NEUTRAL the engine runs OK, but when I connect REVERSE or DRIVE, the engine dies.
What can cause this failure? A friend mentioned me a vaccuum leakage as a probably cause of this malfunction. I ´m noy sure.
Thanks in advance

February 19, 2009.

Check for vacuum leaks. Chances are they is one between the engine and the transmission.