Dodge Colt

I have a 1988 Dodge Colt E manufactured by Mitsubishi. 153,000 miles. 4 door. Model # C12ASNML2. Engine G15B (CID 89.6). VIN # JB3BA26KOJUO67249. 5 speed manual transmission. Exactly what engine do I have? I also need to replace the power steering belt. There are three pulleys that it looks like it goes around. The parts store sold me a short one that may only fit around the upper two pulleys. It didn't have a power steering belt when I got it. I'm in the dark on that one. And, when I looked into the power steering fluid reservoir I saw rust. I guess that thing is toast. Also, the upper cover for the timing belt is missing and I should replace that. Is the replacement of the timing belt difficult? This one looks sad.
September 14, 2007.

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