1992 Dodge Colt

I had to replace the ecu on my colt 100e, 1.5l efi. When I put the rebuilt computer in (it cost me over $500 for the computer - no labour - which seems a little outrageous to me) and started the engine, a couple of things occured:
1. The engine wouldn't idle, so I had to increase the idle speed a ton
2. Engine was mis-firing, so had to play with distributor and advance the spark a tad (we'd had the distributor out, as we initially thought that was the issue)
3. The " Check Engine" light came on and does not go off

Any ideas on how to reset the light, or on what may be causing it to stay on?

Thanks a ton,
January 25, 2007.

Quick tip before you put the computer in did you calibrate it? You need to calibrate it for the vehicle first. If not u need to, as far as the light take your positive cable off of the battery and put it back on if it comrd on then the computer aint programmed.

Jan 26, 2007.
I spoke to the guy who did the rebuild and he said that these computers are pre-calibrated, because all the vehicles are the same. It looks like it might be a valid warning, so guess I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get it diagnosed - next trick will be finding the ecu plug-in for the scanner - does anyone know what it looks like?


Jan 26, 2007.