Dodge Charger

I own a '74 Dodge Charger SE with 3000 miles on the 360 small block. I drove into town the other day and parked it in a grocery store parking lot. I came back and it wouldn't start. I got it home by trailer and checked the practically brand new battery. Everything was perfect. I checked the alternator, everything was perfect. I tried to start it and it fired up, so I drove it around. I noticed that the alternator gauge was a tad below the midpoint. But when I REALLY laid into the gas, the alternator gauge spiked up and stayed there. However, when I got home, the alternator gauge was again below midpoint and the headlights were somewhat dim. I shut her down and immediately tried to fire her up, but to no response. I waited a few hours, and it weakly turned over and started. Could it be that I have a voltage regulator problem? How do I test it?
I don't want to spend fifty bucks on a new one and find out that something else is the problem. : Shock:
March 9, 2006.

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