Dodge Charger

2007 Dodge Charger R/T 5.7 HEMI, automatic and 8890 miles. Purchased in July brand new. I've taken it to the service department I originally purchased the vehicle from twice and both cases the techs couldn't duplicate the engine surges concern however, they stated they flashed the PCM and FCM for the stalling and said that should take care of it. But, just Nov. 17th the engine stalled again. Does anyone know what is going on with my vehicle or can offer any possible problems that could be going wrong? If so, please inform me so I may brng this to the attention of the service department.
November 26, 2007.

I've had the same thing happen to me, mine only has 6000 miles and is a 2006, matter of fact its headed back to the shop tomorrow after being there all last week. They did the same thing to mine last week, flashed the PCM and stuff, although while test driving it themselves the car did stall on them twice. If I find out any more information tomorrow I'll let you know

Feb 5, 2008.
There are quite a few TSB's (tech service bulletins) on EGR problems with that car. That can cause surging and possible stalling of engine at idle. When does it die? Does it feel like it is running out of fuel or just cut out like a switch?

Feb 7, 2008.
The past few times mine has stalled, it just cuts off, the last time I was driving around 40 and the whole car just cut out. Sometimes the rpm will shoot up real high and others it drops really low, but it just shuts off. Basically the car dies whenever it wants, it might happen every day in week then not happen again for a few weeks or longer. I've taken it the dealer three times, and they say they can find nothing wrong, they keep saying the tbs's that were issued don't apply to my Charger because when it stalls the check engine light doesn't come on. So they won't do anything the pmc or anything till it does.

Feb 12, 2008.