Dodge Caravan

1996 Dodge Caravan Sport
100,185 miles
3.3L V6, A/C, Auto, PW, PDLs.

A few weeks ago, our 96 Dodge Caravan died while waiting for the light to turn green. So we towed it to a mechanic and they found out the following.

Bad Crank Angel sensor. Replaced. Crank, but Still wouldn't start / run.

Dead ECM. Replaced. Ran fine.

So. Now. We got in the van this afternoon. And noticed the temp gauge wasn't working. So, we drove it back home, and decide to go back out later. Got in the van, and then the fans came on immediately after start, with an instant check engine light upon start. Note the van was sitting for about 5 hours in about 60 degree weather. We put the car in reverse, and is started to sputter, so we put it in park, and it continued to run. Fans kept running off and on, and we put it into reverse again, then it sputtered again, and then died, with a bad smell of gas. Now, it just cranks.

If the ECM is dead again. What might be causing it to die? Were taking it back to the repair shop Monday, but where curious of some outside comments.
June 8, 2007.

I serious doubted if u have an ECM problem. Sounds more likea bad signal from a temperature sensor. Think about this. When everyhing is normal. Fan should onlycome on when engine gets above normal temperatur. At 60 degree F. On a cold start. Fan shouldn't be on unless it got a bad temp signal, stuck switch or a/c is command on.
Good luck man

Kin chan
Jun 9, 2007.
That's totally a possibility. But now the car won't run, just cranks. It would be very unfortunate if a temp sensor causes that, heh.

Jun 9, 2007.
Get a toyota. Hah hah hah.
Most chrysler product on nostart is ASCD relay or any 5 volt reference signal sharing sensors shorted out on the network. Needa find a real mechanic.
Dodge is not a hard car to work on. Just needa find a real shop with real mechanic. We fixed plenty of em' no big deal man
good luck man

Kin chan
Jun 10, 2007.