Dodge Caravan

I have a 1999 Dodge Caravan and was in the process of replacing the front disk brake pads and the back brakes shoes. I did not have any problem with the front brakes but when I tried to remove the aft drum is where the problem began. Its been many years since I have done this but as I remember you always had an adjustment that you could make to the shoes to adjust them in so you could get the durm off. On the caravan I cannot find this adjustment. I cannot get the drum off. Do you know another way to get the drum off? The drums starts to come off but hangs up at about an 1/4" of movement both sides. I think the drum might have a small lip worn into the drum causing them to hang up on the shoes. Where is the adjustment for drawing the shoes in for this promblem?

December 16, 2006.

Hi Mark,
Strike the drum wiith a hammer in between the wheels studs with a hammer to make sure the brake drum is loose from the shoes.

2CarPros Mike
Dec 16, 2006.
It's no ajustement on caravan. You can give a slack on the brake cable. That can help according to caravan repair manual.

Hope that help.


Dec 16, 2006.
Try turning the drum as you remove it as if its threaded. Ive seen drums with suck a large lip that I had to grind the heads off theanchors. Thats a last resort

Dec 17, 2006.