1996 Dodge Caravan

I have a 96 caravan 2.4l. While driving on 18 dec, the engine stalled out and would not restart. I replaced the cam and crankshaft sensors, ran continuity and resistance on all relays and the coil packs. It still will not start. I have a fault code of 33 that says there is a short at the a/c clutch relay. What could possibly be the problem? Please help a soldier out!
December 31, 2006.

Is there a code that is OBD II compliant?

I'm not sure what else you tried, so forgive me if you went down this path.

Are you not getting spark? IS that the resaon for the sensors being replaced?

Does it seem like it cranks faster than normal? If so timing belt may be your problem.

Can you hear the fuel pump run? IF no, Spray some starting fluid in the throttle body and crank engine. Does it start?

I sprayed the starter fluid down the throttle body but nothing happened maybe no spark. What else do you suggest

Jan 2, 2007.
Does it seem like it cranks faster than normal? If so timing belt may be your problem.

It appears fuel has been eliminated.

I checked the timing belt, it is still in place and spins with the engine. Everything lights up as usual it just seem to not have any spark. I bought a new coil pack and replaced it also but still nothing. I checked pressure at the fuel rail and pressure is fine. Please help!

Jan 3, 2007.
Pull a plug and wire out, crank it and see if the plug is sparking while connected to the wire. Don't let the plug touch anything else.

I checked for spark at the plug, no spark. I think that the PCM is out. Do you have any other suggestions?

Jan 6, 2007.
I Doubt the pcm is your trouble. Rarley do I replace pcm on autos any more. The good news is we are making some ground : D

I am suspect of ignition coil or ignition module at this point. Contact 2carpro Jack, stratus98, bootdog or one of the other moderators to take you to the next step. : D

My Van, 1989 Grand Caravan is in a simular situation. Did you get yours starting now? I have no spark to the coil and the fuel pump is not coming on. It happens intermitently. I have found with mine that when the key is in the run position that there is something stopping the juice from getting to the coil and fuel pump. Still have not figured out what it is. I changed the ignition switch, no change.
I am interested if you fixed you problem and what was the solution.
Jnelson@shieldsharper. Com

Jan 31, 2007.