1993 Dodge Caravan

I have a 93 dodge grand caravan es with around 120k on it. Recently I lost the Tac/Speedo/odometer/Fuel(shows full at all times)/coolant guage. I also lost all dash board lights. The MPG/odometer display in the center console also stopped reading miles but does have power. Checked all the fuses and everything is good. I have no Check engine light and a code scanner shows no codes. Since I lost both the center console odometer and the cluster odometer at the same time this leads me to believe its not the cluster at fault. Anyone know where I should start looking?

October 30, 2007.

You have 2 odometers?

Yes, the normal odometer in the gauge cluster(mechanical but incremented by a motor), and the digital trip odometer in center console. It's mounted on the roof and in the center of the vehicle.

I had the cluster out yesterday checking all the connectors and it they seemed fine. The headlight switch looked like someone tried to pry it out with a screwdriver once(I'm not the original owner) so maybe that's damaged. I know at least the dash lights go into that. Can't find a good electrical diagram so I don't know if the gauge lights could cause gauge problems.

Nov 1, 2007.
Ok wasn't thinking trip meter. The caravans had a problem with a couple solder point on the circuit board, not a connector problem. Having said that, I don't recall if they went back to 93 with those problems.

See if this helps.

Looks like all the gauges and the center console are fed from the serial bus(I see no independent signal wires).

So my last question while I fiddle with this, do you know is the serial bus shared? As in does the body computer read the speed/tac signals and send them to the cluster, or does the cluster read them directly on the serial bus from the engine computer? That's the only thing thats confusing me because the speedo/tac should work since the signals are coming on the serial bus from the engine computer. However, if the body computer gets them first and then sends to the gauges then I bet I just have a fried body computer since all my problems are interior only.

Nov 2, 2007.
I'm a little late coming in here, but since my father has the same issue, was this ever resolved, and what was the problem?

Jan 21, 2013.