2005 Dodge Caravan

Engine Performance problem
2005 Dodge Caravan 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

low power developed over couple of months. Had cam sensor code. Changed cam sensor, no codes returned but no improvement in power. Feels like lack of fuel, no servicable fuel filter so changed fuel pump module. Fuel pressure constant at approx. 55PSI. Even at full throttle full load and still no codes. Map sensor readings seem to be correct, cam and crank sensor sync signal. Doesnt seem to have restricted exhaust but disconnected in front of cat. To proove. No noticeable improvement with performance decreasing greatly within seconds due to impropper O2 readings. Cam to crank differintial runs 15-18deg. Is that normal and if not why hasn't it set timing code? Thanks in advance for any info.
August 5, 2010.

It sounds like you have gone over just about everything. I need to know how many miles are on the vehicle. Also, as far as the timing, that is correct. If it was @TDC or retarded, that would cause a power loss, but it is advanced to where it should be.

Have you checked the intake for any vacuum leaks? Also, since there are no codes, have you checked the injectors. The fuel pressure is right where it should be, but something may have gotten the injectors plugged.

Let me know. This is going to be a tough one, but we'll figure it out.


147K miles. Intake system is tight. Runs smooth as glass throughout rpm range, don't suspect clogged injectors. Witnessed excessive blowing/ kicking up dust from tail pipe while the van was being moved this morning. No tell tail sounds but leaning towards restricted exhaust. Cat has slight dip in temp in mid section when viewed with infrared therm. We'll see. If you have any other thoughts please post back. Thanks again.


Aug 6, 2010.
Is there anything other than you can think of the van is doing differently?