2001 Dodge Caravan

I have a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan and recently done the manual (3 key turns) test for the diagnostic codes and the codes it come up with were 1684, P040.3, P040.1, P044.2, and P045.5

I'd like to know what these codes mean and what can be done to fix them. Thank You.
April 29, 2007.

I got all that but what do they mean?

Apr 29, 2007.
Sorry for the short reply, I was trying to answer questions as I was watching the Sabres go belly up.

The first two codes have to do with the EGR valve as you know. It doesn't mean the valve is bad. There are a multitude of possiblilities, but I would suggest removing the valve and cleaning the pintle of the valve for a start. Before doing that, do check the vacuum lines going to it to make sure there are no leaks.

The second two codes have to do with the vapor control or Evaporative portion of the emissions. The first one signals a medium leak and the latter one a large leak. Check the fuel cap for corrosion on the filler tank neck where the cap tightens to it. Make sure your cap clicks 3 times after fillling your tank. IT may be that simple. Check back if your still having problems afterwards or post more questions as you like.