2000 Dodge Caravan

Brakes problem
2000 Dodge Caravan 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 52,203 miles

I always bleed my brakes any time I do brake work, to change brake fluid. This is the frist ABS Vehicle I have worked on, Manual states you need a DRB II scan tool to properly bleed system. Do I really need to buy this tool or is there another way.
Wm. Register
September 6, 2008.

BLEEDING BRAKE SYSTEM Observe following precautions during brake bleeding procedure.  DO NOT allow master cylinder to run out of fluid when bleeding brakes. Check fluid level frequently and add fluid as necessary.  DO NOT pump brake pedal during bleeding procedure unless directed to do so.  Bleed only one brake system component at a time. Use a bleed hose on each wheel cylinder and caliper bleed screw.  Be sure to tighten each bleed screw when bleeding is complete.  If master cylinder has been overhauled or a new cylinder is to be installed, bench bleed master cylinder before installation. MANUAL BLEEDING 1. Fill master cylinder. Install clear vinyl bleed hose onto left rear bleed screw. Place other end of hose in clean transparent container. 2. Partially fill a container with clean brake fluid. Submerge end of hose in fluid. Pump pedal 3-4 times and hold. Open bleed screw at least one turn. 3. Close bleed screw. Release pedal. Repeat procedure until flow of brake fluid is clear and free of bubbles. Proceed to next bleed screw of brake bleeding sequence. See BLEEDING SEQUENCE table. BLEEDING SEQUENCE PRESSURE BLEEDING Ensure pressure bleeding equipment reservoir is kept at proper level during bleeding. Follow proper bleeding sequence. See BLEEDING SEQUENCE table. Follow equipment manufacturer's instructions for bleeding. DO NOT exceed manufacturer's recommended pressure specifications for bleeding. Ensure master cylinder reservoir is full when finished bleeding. ABS BLEEDING CAUTION: Use only DOT 3 brake fluid from a sealed container. NOTE: ABS bleeding requires conventional bleeding methods (manual or pressure) plus ABS bleeding method (using scan tool). See MANUAL BLEEDING or PRESSURE BLEEDING plus ABS BLEEDING. Bleed system using either conventional bleeding method, then using ABS bleeding method. Repeat conventional bleeding method. Application Sequence All Models LR, RF, RR, LF Page 1 of 2 ANTI-LOCK - TEVES MARK 20 -2000 Dodge Grand Caravan 9/6/2008

Sep 6, 2008.