1998 Dodge Caravan

Brakes problem
1998 Dodge Caravan 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 134000 miles

I noticed that the brake light came on when I was driving to work so my boyfriend changed the brake pads. The light went off. A couple weeks later it came back on again and it was because of low brake fluid. We filled the reservoir and the light went off. The next day on came the light again so we took the tire off to see what was wrong and there is brake fluid everywhere! The tire was completely soaked along with everything else there but only on the drivers side. The passenger side is dry as a bone. What do we have to replace?
April 3, 2008.

With it running and tire off push the brakes, look where its coming from, the brake line? Bleeder valve? Or is it coming from the brake caliper?

Apr 3, 2008.