1997 Dodge Caravan

Electrical problem
1997 Dodge Caravan 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 233000 miles

Every once in awhile my instrument panel guages would all quit working then would flash on. One day the speedometer and odometer just quit and never came back on. Still the rest of the guages will flash off then on. Ever since the spedometer quit now my rpm will go to 4000rpms and only doing about 50mph. Seems as if though its not shifting. Replaced input and output vehicle speed sensors, body control module, transmission control module. No change. Speedometer not working still. Took to autozone had pluigged in and says bad ground or loose connection as the problem. But dont know where to look to find what wires it could be for speedometer. I am a female and not good with this stuff! Trying though! Could my instrument cluster be the problem? Or is there plug ins behind the panel (for the guages) that could of come loose or unplugged? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated! : ) Thank you!
June 22, 2008.

You need to scan for codes
I would say you need new cluster panel
It will not effect the shifting
as for the tranny not shifting 95% its the solenoid pack on the side of the tranny

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Jun 22, 2008.