1994 Dodge Caravan

Electrical problem
1994 Dodge Caravan 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 140000 miles

I have a 94 Dodge Grand Caravan. I have alternator replaced today because the voltage is about 13.2 - 13.3 when all accessories " ON" running rpm=2000. Voltage will show 14.6 when the car started, and it will drop quickly to 13.6 within couple seconds. Unfortunately, the reading is the same with this " NEW" alternator (NOT REFURBISHED). I did research on Internet, and found out that this regulator is external (It is actually part of the computer of the car). Is this voltage reading normal? Anyone own the same Caravan having the same voltage reading? The car is running fine with no engine light or anything wrong. I just want to be on the safe side, because this car has a special seat installed for disability elder. Any advice, I will be appreciated.

Readings is within the normal
all I suggest is if you like you may change the battery to a higher AMP

Jul 4, 2008.