1993 Dodge Caravan

Heater problem
1993 Dodge Caravan 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 181700 miles

Hi there,
I have a small problem with my 1993, Dodge Grand Caravan. I have have heat from the heater, but not enough to warm the cabin. When I select window defrost, there is enough heat to keep the windows free of ice, but my legs get cold. Then if I select bi-level for the floor & window, the side windows will fog up.
I have changed my heater core, my thermostate & just this past June, I have to change the water pump ( as it gave out ).
I made an hour drive tonite in -10 degree temperature. Apon my arrival, I was able to take the rad cap off with no pressure release what-so-ever. When I placed my finger in the rad, I found the coolant to be luke warm.I proceeded to do a rad pressure test, thinking I was losing pressure somewhere, but it tested OK. I should mention that both the rad & the reservior are full & while driving OR at an idle, the temperature gauge reads normal.
My question is, Is this signs of an air lock that I have yet to find ( as I have tried ), OR is it possible that my rad in front is no longer doing its job even though there is no leaks. Tomorrow I will go & replace the rad cap just for fun.
I hope that my description was enough info.
Thank you for your advice.
December 19, 2007.

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