1993 Dodge Caravan

Electrical problem
1993 Dodge Caravan 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 68,000 miles

I have a 1993 Grand Caravan ES and am the first owner. The car only has 68,000 real miles clocked. Anyway, I recently started having a problem starting the car and this came up all of a sudden. The car is difficult to start. After turning it over a few times (5-8) it starts but acts as if it were running on one cylinder. After delicately " pumping" the accelerator pedal it starts to run (and all around the car I get a white cloud of mist/smoke). Once I get the car running it runs notmally (well, maybe the idle is slightly rough). Fuel filter was changed.

Besides the difficult starting all else seems OK. This came up a few days ago, so I cannot say if fuel mileage increased etc. Besides I try not to drive it in this state.

I will appreciate your comments and suggestion. Thnaks much!

November 4, 2010.

Start by checking the fuel pressure to rule out the fuel filter and fuel pump-

Nov 4, 2010.
How long since a tune-up? Are you losing coolant, white cloud? Use a gage and check fuel pressure. Any applicable mil codes?

Nov 4, 2010.
No I am not losing coolant, the fuel pressure was checked and is OK. The fuel filter is new and I had a tune-up 4000 miles ago (with spark plug change to Bosch Platinum 4, ignition wires besides filters and oil). That is what puzzles me, but then these cars have sensors, etc.). Onve the car starts it runs great (acceleration, speed, etc.).

Nov 4, 2010.