2008 Dodge Caliber

Tires and Wheels problem
2008 Dodge Caliber 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 78,000 miles

We had new tires placed on the car about 7,000 miles ago. No sounds and smooth driving until fairly recently when the back tires seemed to be making a loud humming type noise when going down the road, that would increase with speed and decrease as you slow down.

We had the tires rotated thinking it maybe something with the tires, this did not solve the noise. It was also time for the brake pads to be replaced and thought perhaps the noise was coming from the pads/rotors. We replaced all four brake pads and the rotors. The noise is still there. The mechanic checked everything, suspension, shocks, all were good. He stated it could be possiibly noise coming from the wheel hub itself.

Trying to determine iwhat other possibilities this could be? New tires, new brakes and rotors and we still have this noise!
February 27, 2010.

Did the sound change location when you rotated the tires? If not, chances are it is a wheel bearing. Does the sound change when you make turns?

The noise remained after the tire rotation. Yes, I have noticed the noise seems to decrease considerably in right turns, increases some with left turns. The noise increases with speed.

Mar 21, 2010.
If it gets louder when you turn right, chances are there is a bad wheel bearing on the left side of the car. You see, when making a right hand turn, the weight of the vehicle transfers to the left side of the car. As a result, the noise gets louder. When you turn left, the opposite happens.

If you feel it in the steering, chances are it is the front bearing.

Let me know what you find.