1988 Dodge Aries

Electrical problem
1988 Dodge Aries 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

Hello guys, is the fuel pump powered by the ASD relay or is there a fuel pump relay also? I have a mopar dealership manual that only shows an ASD relay in the circuit. The car sat for over 4yrs. And I want to run the pump without running the engine to drain + flush out whatever's left in the system. Can I by-pass the relay to do this? Thanks for your advise, you've helped me alot with alot of other issues. ANDREW S.
Andrew S.
September 12, 2010.

At the ASD relay socket jumper the red wire to the dark green and black wire this will power up the fuel pump or to the fuel pump connector

BTW there's no fuel pump relay

Sep 12, 2010.