1985 Dodge 600

Engine Mechanical problem
1985 Dodge 600 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

I am trying to check my ignition timing, I have checked the cam timing marks and they are correct, I have checked the crank timing mark to the intermediate shaft timing mark and it is correct, my distributor is set at #1 plug at top dead center, the timing mark on the torque is at top dead center, but when I start the car and put the timing light on the torque, I can no longer see the timing mark. I do have the water temp sensor disconnected, and no matter which way I turn the distributor, I still can't see the timing mark with the light. Any ideas? Am I forgetting to un hook something?
December 29, 2009.

Power loss light on? Idle 850rpm? Mag timing plug unscrewed from bellhousing? Fuel Injected Federal?

Dec 30, 2009.