1997 Jeep Cherokee • 182,000 miles

Can be hard starting. Takes multiple tries. When it starts, will be in one of several "personalities" or run modes. The most common two are: 1- Starts, will only idle,
no throttle response, sounds "labored". 2- Starts. When accelerating, will backfire through the air cleaner and hesitate/jerk, will only get up to 15-20 mph. If I quickly turn off/ on the keyswitch one or more times, it will find the correct run mode and run normally. One other "personality" or mode: When driving at speeds above 50 mph, will hesitate and jerk, not accelerate smoothly, will not stay at desired speed smoothly. I do not trust this vehicle to take very far from home. It has not left me stranded since I found the keyswitch on/off method of getting it to run for me. The complete distributor complete and the plugs/wires are new. The crankshaft position sensor is good. The keyswitch contact set is new.

Thanks, TL
May 4, 2013.

Start with fuel pressure test.

How do you know the crank sensor is good?