2000 Citroen Picasso

Engine Performance problem
2000 Citroen Picasso 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 147654 miles

would a camshaft position sensor cause engine pinking. The ECU has been scanned and flashed up a camshaft sensor fault
I have had an emission test done and the results were within the limits
I am wondering if using Tesco fuel may also be the problem I have tried other garages fuel and it doesnt seem to pink as much but the pinking is still there.
Sometimes its that bad it sounds like a diesel and power from the engine is weak
July 2, 2010.

Check if it has a knock sensor if so check it, its purpose is to retard the ignition timing when it senses detonation/pinging to include an EGR valve that's its not opening

Jul 3, 2010.