2003 Citroen C5

Suspension problem
2003 Citroen C5 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 120100 miles

CAN YOU PLEASE TALL ME WHAT IS Hydrolastic displicers are and where thay are
Thank you
stan o'Brien
March 25, 2009.

These are a part of your suspension system !

The principle is simple. The front and rear suspension units have Hydrolastic displacers, one per side. These are interconnected by a small bore pipe. Each displacer incorporates a rubber spring (as in the Moulton rubber suspension system), and damping of the system is achieved by rubber valves. So when a front wheel is deflected, fluid is displaced to the corresponding suspension unit. That pressurises the interconnecting pipe which in turn stiffens the rear wheel damping and lowers it. The rubber springs are only slightly brought into play and the car is effectively kept level and freed from any tendency to pitch.

Dave H
Aug 30, 2009.